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Apply to the Hive Global Leaders Program

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm in joining the Hive Community! Apply below to participate in the Hive Global Leaders Program, an immersive world-class leadership training program that awakens your purpose and connects you with a lifelong community of global CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are working on solving humanity’s greatest challenges.

Applications are reviewed within 5 business days of submission on a rolling basis. If you are accepted, the tuition price for the program is $440 or PKR 50,000. Ticket Price includes Entry to the Program, Orientation Dinner, Lunch on both workshop Days and Farewell Dinner. 

We are also offering need/purpose based scholarships (up to 25% off the tuition fee).  

You can also avail group discount of $100 each applicant  for 4 or more inspiring and enthusiastic applications. For more information on how to apply as a group, please get in touch at

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn more about you, how you are committed to creating a better world, and the value you will bring to the Hive Community.


Opportunities for Alumni

  • Hive Alumni take home a HIVE Global Community Membership Certificate and an exclusive network of transformational people from around the globe
  • While we are committed to growing the Hive network, we also want the Hive alumni to stay in touch. Through invitations to attend future Hive events such as the Global Leaders Program, and the Hive Retreat, we facilitate the alumni to return to share their success stories or help us as group leaders
  • As a special offer for participants of the first Hive Pakistan event, we also announce three 50% tuition-fee scholarships (USD500 each) for the upcoming Hive GLOBAL LEADERS SUMMIT August 16-19, 2018 in California USA. The successful participants shall be selected during the course of the upcoming Lahore event